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asa professional motocross racer i knew i always wanted to stay inside the industry when my time was up. I was never the fastest guy on the track, but i worked my butt off to get all of my pro license endorsements. In 2017, i went out to Club Mx in South Carolina for a couple of months of training. this was possibly going to be my last summer of full time racing in Canada. Just days before i was going to head out i injured my back. The injury was weird and left us, as well as doctors, wondering what was wrong. i have not been able to get back to racing because of this injury. Instead of falling off the face of the earth and losing my mind, i went out and started hitting print expos and shows. Within a month i took out a loan and completely dove into a business i knew nothing about. everybody i asked gave me the same advice, 'don't waste your time, it takes to much money starting from scratch'. I took my drive from racing and re-focused it into learning graphic design. it paid off and even though i'm not racing, it puts a huge smile on my face to see my kits out at the track.

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